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RAW ORGANIC vs Pasteurised


Ever noticed this and wondered what's the difference?

What is raw kombucha?

This is the most traditional way to brew kombucha and dates back to thousands and thousands of years.

Fermentation of the tea + sugar is done with a specific yeast and bacteria called a SCOBY, at a specific temperature and for a specific amount of time to yield what we know as kombucha.

In this traditional way, the colonies of bacteria cultivated during fermentation remain alive and varied and dare we say, happy!

The kombucha is raw because it is never heated beyond a specific temperature, which is what is done during pasteurisation.

Once we bottle our raw kombucha and refrigerate them, the fermentation process stops and all that colonies of bacterias remain but they no longer multiply. This is safe to consume and the big WHY we love this drink.

What is pasteurised kombucha?

While pasteurising is not uncommon or a bad thing, pasteurising kombucha is not like the traditional kombucha brewing process. Heating up the brew to kill off all bacteria to ensure that the kombucha has zero potential pathogens, would however result in zero beneficial bacteria. Pasteurising will kill off all your various healthy bacteria and cultures.

Let's face it. We drink kombucha predominantly because of the varied colonies of beneficial bacteria.

Brewed right in properly sanitized conditions using the right process, the risk for harmful bacteria and contamination is nearly none.

While many pasteurised brands do add on probiotics to their drinks to ensure presence of some bacteria, these are not naturally-occurring or as diverse as what you would get.

We are big believers on keeping our brewing methods traditional. We also strongly believe in using 100% organic ingredients.

Why 100% organic? So that there are ZERO synthetic pesticides or fertilisers on all ingredients used from our tea leaves to sugar to fruits.

We don't take any shortcuts, and every batch of our kombucha is brewed in small batches, hand poured and hand bottled with utmost care.

You can be sure you're getting the very best in every sip!

So the next time you're out shopping for some kombucha, remember to look out for RAW and ORGANIC.

Your gut and your body will thank you.

And if you like, look out for Beast Bucha ;)


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